DBA Worldwide Successfully Replaces Manilla Folders with Easy Review and Approval Process by ProofHQ

September 17, 2015 Kelsey Uebelhor


DBA Worldwide is a marketing agency that prides itself on non-traditional retail programs with a focus on digital promotion and content marketing. The company has produced billions of online pages which have resulted in billions of dollars in sales. Yet this innovative company still found themselves working with a manual review and approval system that had been in place for many years. When it came time to streamline this process, DBA Worldwide found the solution they were looking for with ProofHQ.

Addressing an Existing Problem

DBA Worldwide is an extremely successful company that has no problem acquiring customers or bringing in sales. However, when it came to producing and reviewing marketing and other creative materials, the agency found itself relying on an outdated, manual, paper-heavy review and approval process – one that failed to take advantage of the many digital tools available to an agency of DBA Worldwide’s size.

Marty Hosch, DBA’s Associate Technical Creative Director, describes the previous review and approval process as one that had been in place for years. The Account Manager would create a job jacket and then that folder would be manually passed throughout the company until everyone who needed to review the creative had seen it and given their approval.

This process took a significant amount of time, relied heavily on hard copies of materials and increased the chance that errors or omissions would occur. The company realized that it was time to move forward and implement a digital solution that would allow for a faster and more efficient review and approval process.

Finding the Solution

The search for an online proofing application was a natural one, as DBA had already begun to move toward a more digital workflow process with the adoption of the project management application, Basecamp. However, while Basecamp allowed them to replace their job jackets with a digital forum that tracked data and deadlines, they were still missing a solution for proofing their creative projects. Basecamp provides a tool for task assignment and asset management but is less equipped to aid in proofing.

ProofHQ was the solution that allowed DBA to transition to an entirely digital review and approval process. By making job folders and the distribution of hard copy creative proofs redundant and unnecessary, ProofHQ was an ideal solution. It met DBA’s needs, had a user-friendly interface, and integrated with Basecamp, which would improve the implementation of this new review and approval process.

Implementing ProofHQ

Hosch says that when it came time to implement the new online proofing application they wanted the changeover to be as stress-free as possible. Although they were switching to a digital platform, Hosch says, “we closely mimicked the previous review and approval workflow, translating our manual processes into the new digital environment.” By changing the fundamental processes as little as possible, DBA knew they would make employees feel more comfortable and ensure a smoother transition to the new application.

“We closely mimicked the previous workflow, translating our manual processes into the new digital environment.”


Meetings and training were also vital to the successful implementation of ProofHQ. Assisted by ProofHQ’s Customer Success team, DBA scheduled a Success Start meeting and also broke the company into groups for small training sessions. The staff learned how to use ProofHQ and how it connects to Basecamp projects. While Hosch made it clear at the beginning of each meeting that manila folders were a thing of the past, each training allowed for a question-and-answer environment. By the end of the implementation period, the staff understood not only the new company expectations but also how ProofHQ would assist them in meeting those expectations.


Hosch explains the benefits of these meetings. “We knew if everyone understood, there would be less confusion and a shorter, smoother learning curve.” For DBA, it wasn’t enough to adopt ProofHQ for review and approval. It was important that the DBA’S clients were on board with the new tool as well.

Finding Success with ProofHQ

Hosch says that the implementation of ProofHQ has been a success. Staff feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and shows that most find the system to be intuitive and easy to use. By using ProofHQ’s online proofing application, DBA has been able to reduce the occurrence of errors and increase productivity. But what Hosch sees as one of the biggest benefits of this digital transition is the elimination of all those manila folders. DBA finally has a review and approval process that doesn’t rely on the manual handoff of hard copy proofs.

To learn more about how successful onboarding initiative results in seamless, 100% product adoption, view the entire DBA Worldwide case study.



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