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How to Tame Agency Work Chaos

July 14, 2016


Managing work at an agency can be frustrating and overwhelming. The constant, unyielding barrage of work requests, overworked team members, strict budgets, and ineffective review and approval processes hinder your ability to produce the best quality work. Don't you want your work to be about more than the task list, the approvals, and the assignments? You should be able to have better engagement with clients, increase your visibility into the process to keep your margins high, and understand where the inefficiencies lie.

Watch this on-demand webinar to take a closer look at the challenges of agency project management and learn tips to:

  • Increase project visibility
  • Develop consistent processes for creative development, reviews, and approvals
  • Improve communication and collaboration with clients and team members

About the presenters

Lee Odden

Lee Odden

Co-Founder & CEO

TopRank Marketing

Lee Odden is the CEO and co-founder of TopRank Marketing and is known as a pioneer and passionate advocate of integrated marketing and public relations across the globe. It’s a good thing too, since he loves to travel, meet new people and experience food and culture in new places. Lee drives overall strategy for TopRank Marketing, and is an industry thought leader, speaker, and author.


Chris O'Neal

Chris O'Neal

Product Strategy Manager


Chris is a marketing technology leader with over 10 years experience leading product management teams for trailblazing organizations. At Workfront, he leads industry research, analysis, and market strategy that empowers marketing and creative services teams to get more work done.


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