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Agile Marketing 101 Training

April 6, 2017


In the ever-changing world of digital marketing, operational efficiency, quick turn around times, testing, and adapting to change are crucial to success. However, 46% of marketers are working with a mix of project management ideologies, and many more continue to struggle with lost productivity, missed deadlines, and too much rigidity. 

Agile Marketing is a growing trend among marketers that is proven to yield great results. The problem is, most marketers know next to nothing about Agile, and they don’t have easy access to Agile experts who can help.

This webinar will provide a 101 level education about Agile for marketers, including:

  • What “Agile” means
  • How to apply Agile to your work
  • How to structure your team
  • Tips for a smooth transition

About the presenters

Raechel Duplain

Sr. Marketing Program Manager


Raechel is an award-winning content marketer who has particular expertise in managing B2B content marketing projects, developing content strategies, and marrying content with design. She’s a Certified Scrum Master and a Marketing workflow expert who’s passionate about the Agile Marketing methodology. When she’s not working, Raechel is an illustrator on the side, and enjoys spending time with her husband, at the beach, or eating tacos.



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