What is Agile Marketing? (and why you should care)

June 23, 2016 Kelsey Uebelhor

As the nature of marketing work grows increasingly complex, and content channels continue to proliferate, many teams are struggling to keep their heads above water. Too many expectations, too many tasks, too many apps, too many reports from too many analytics tools.

Enter Agile marketing, a project management approach that grew out of another industry where complexity and ambiguity are the name of the game—software development.

Overwhelmed marketers are finding great success with this approach, which promises “rapid, continuous growth,” “more satisfied employees,” and the ability to “adapt readily to external fluctuations,” according to self-proclaimed agile marketing nerd Andrea Fryrear, who writes for Marketergizmo.com.

Furthermore, Fryrear writes in a recent post on Workfront.com, “it’s simply a less stressful way to be a marketer.”

So, What is Agile Marketing?

Oh, no big deal. It’s just complete paradigm shift that revolutionizes the way you organize your work and your time. In Fryrear’s words:

“Agile marketing is a tactical marketing approach in which marketing teams collectively identify high value projects on which to focus their collective efforts. Teams use sprints (short, finite periods of intensive work) to complete those projects cooperatively. After each sprint, they measure the impact of the projects, and then continuously and incrementally improve the results over time.”

Why Should You Care About Agile Marketing?

You should care about Agile marketing because, like Agile creative director David Lesue, you could increase your team’s planned capacity by 50% in just a few months.

You should care because less than two months after her team switched to Agile processes, Andrea Fryrear’s three biggest wins included:

  • Increasing page views by 252% and conversions by 810% on an important landing page, after a single one-week sprint.
  • Quadrupling content production across two separate sites, without any loss of quality.
  • The “ability to swarm” as a team to overcome obstacles, both internal and external, because “all team members are up to date on projects and progress, so we are all empowered to make sure things get done.”

How Can You Get Started with Agile Marketing?

As attractive as Agile may sound to you now, Fryrear warns that it’s not a quick fix:

“Learning the ins and outs of a true agile system take time, and your first sprint will feel more like a crawl. But in the long run, agile marketing can help marketing departments of just about any shape and size be more efficient, serve their customers better, and be more fully integrated into the work of the business as a whole.”

Start your own Agile revolution by downloading a beginner’s guide, hiring a consultant or project management professional (ask other Agile marketers or your friends in IT for recommendations), or consulting a solution implementation specialist from a project management software (as long as it supports Agile processes).

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