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Workfront Webinar - Transitioning Your Creative Team to Agile: Six Simple Steps (formerly AtTask)

November 10, 2014
Creative teams and agencies battle significant challenges. They have massive workloads, constant requests for last-minute projects, unrealistic work requests, tedious approval processes, and a marketplace that is always on, always connected, and always changing—and they grapple with all this while trying to create world-class, compelling work. Because of these challenges, they live in a work environment that requires an unprecedented need for speed and flexibility. A traditional marketing project management approach may have worked fine back in the dark ages (like the 1990s), but in today’s creative workplace, this methodology doesn’t always provide the flexibility or speed necessary to adapt to frequent or complex projects. Many creative teams and agencies are now embracing a more Agile approach to work to help them deliver more projects on time and within budget. Watch this on-demand webinar and learn how to: • Organise and manage your workload and team to support Agile • Increase your outputs through an Agile approach • Ensure your team’s priorities • Keep your clients/stakeholders happy • Get better control over your work chaos
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