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C_Space Case Study

October 21, 2016

C_Space, a Consumer Collaboration agency, specializes in gleaning consumer insights for their clients directly from consumers via private online communities and offline events. Part of their success hinges on their ability to on-board and acclimate collaborative consumers into these communities in order to deliver impact to their clients.

Feeling the need for greater visibility into their work efforts, C_Space dedicated resources to nding
and implementing a dynamic project and resource management application. This application would
need to facilitate the scaling of their business. Marcia Gallicchio, Director of CORE Resource and Project Management, was chosen to lead this effort, reviewing their processes, challenges, and inefficiencies and define the requirements for their ideal tool.


The review found that C_Space had customized SharePoint to be their internal help desk queue, managing hundreds of programming requests each week. They had also used UNIX for capacity planning. Each individual managed their own projects using anything they were most comfortable with, including One note, Outlook To Do’s and Excel spreadsheets. Despite these tools, teams

had no e cient way to provide visibility into the management of the 300-plus projects occurring simultaneously in their pipeline.

Due to these decentralized tools, projects were managed in a piecemeal fashion. To discover or report on project statuses, for example, employees had to spend additional time compiling reports and statuses from scratch. In many cases, team members abandoned their tools altogether and began tracking all of their project information in Excel. This practice started taking the team’s time away from more crucial activities and more importantly, the information was kept in personal silo’s that no one had access to. 

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