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Genesis Direct Case Study

January 27, 2017

How a direct marketer uses ProofHQ to accelerate project turnaround times and simplify audit trails for large corporations

Genesis Direct

“Unlike e-mail, we can see all the different versions in one place. The return on investment has been invaluable.”
Victoria Anderson, Project Manager, Genesis Direct

Genesis Direct is a direct-channel marketer specializing in strategic planning and production of direct mail and online campaigns. Its clients include large corporations with complex review cycles and overlapping marketing projects. Before a large production can begin, Genesis Direct must get client approval on sample designs, which are delivered as multi-page proofs. The company drives the review and approval process for proofs to ensure timely production and delivery. Because many of its clients are in heavily-regulated industries, accurate records of comments and decisions are essential.

The benefits

Genesis Direct used emails and PDF attachments to route proofs and manage approvals. As the company continued to acquire large customers, this outdated method prevented the company from completing projects on time. PDFs were often too big to email. Tracking comments through multiple email threads was too time-consuming and made it difficult to manage audit trails. The company needed a much more refined approach to proofing.

The benefits

Genesis Direct deployed ProofHQ to improve its review process. Genesis’ creative team now uploads its design to ProofHQ, creating online versions of proofs that are shared via URLs. Clients use ProofHQ’s intuitive tools to markup and comment directly on proofs instead of in emails. The creative team can now easily view the requested changes and make new proof versions quickly. ProofHQ also provides a centralized archive to track every step of the process on each individual proof.

The benefits

With ProofHQ, Genesis Direct’s proofing process is now much more nimble. This has empowered its customer service with faster turnaround times and improved audit trails, giving Genesis Direct a competitive edge. The company’s clients have raved about the service. “Our clients love it” said Genesis Direct Project Manager Victoria Anderson. In the past they would actually print the proof, physically mark it up, then scan it, and then email it back to us. With ProofHQ, it is literally a matter of clicking on the link, making the markups and hitting send. It makes everyone’s job so much easier.”

Genesis Direct

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