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Innocent Drinks Case Study

January 27, 2017

How online proofing gives Innocent Drinks more time for marketing creativity and clever packaging


“I experienced proofing both ways, before and after ProofHQ, and I tell you, it changed my life.”
Delia Alarcon, Creative Team Manager, Innocent Drinks

Packaging projects range from small juice boxes for kids, to smoothie tubes, juice carafes, and smoothie bottles and cartons. The juice line alone has 21 different labels. Each product recipe can have at least four different “back of packs”, where the popular stories appear.

The benefits

Before switching to ProofHQ online proofing, packaging designers struggled to manage multiple labels for dozens of products. The old school process required sending PDF files to each reviewer, who then comment back by email. The production assistant had to write down all the comments to email back to reviewers. Sometimes it was difficult to understand what a reviewer meant by a certain comment, and once, a key piece of nutritional value copy was omitted.

The benefits

Now, using the ProofHQ version comparison tools, anyone can see if feedback has been included in subsequent revisions. ProofHQ has taken the pressure off the production team. Project schedules have not changed, but they are now a dramatically different experience For everyone involved.  Before, jobs were always rushed. ProofHQ gives marketing extra time to focus on the quality of the stories, which are the company’s main branding tools.

The benefits

With online proofing, printing of hardcopies is no longer necessary. Reviewers have all review materials in one place online, instead of having to print multiple pieces. Review team and project managers who work remotely no longer have to be on the server waiting on slow downloads of the huge design files. They can be virtually everywhere, so the flow goes more quickly, and amends go faster, and they need less time for proofing within the overall schedule.


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