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Runnings Case Study

January 27, 2017

How a retailer accelerated production of millions of sales flyers while slashing overtime hours


“We’ve sped up the review process, become much more efficient and there are a lot less bottlenecks.”
Dennis Jensen, Marketing Manager, Runnings

Runnings is a general merchandise retailer, operating more than 30 stores in the U.S. Midwest. Its wide range of products include housewares, automotive goods, clothing, hardware, paint, sporting goods, and tools. Runnings’ primary marketing collateral is a sales flyer that ranges between 8-12 pages and is distributed to millions of consumers. Because Runnings makes more than 35 different sales flyers per year, the flyers’ content must be meticulously reviewed for accuracy under very tight deadlines. Each drafted flyer page is routed to a combination of 8–12 reviewers.

The benefits

Runnings traditionally used hard copy proofs and routing slips to share and review drafted flyer pages. It was a tedious process with each step involving the reviewer marking up a hard copy proof with pen, attaching a routing slip to the proof and then dropping it off at the next reviewer’s desk. This process was easily bottlenecked particularly if a reviewer was out of the office for several days. This caused serious stress on the organization as missing print deadlines on the company’s most important advertising tool was not an option. Runnings decided they needed to pursue a solution to help drive a more efficient, more effective proofing process.

The benefits

Runnings needed a way to centralize proofs; enable all reviewers to see proofs at the same time even when out of the office; and provide simple tools for marking up and commenting on the proofs. ProofHQ’s online proofing platform met these requirements quickly and cost effectively. Runnings’ reviewers loved the benefits ProofHQ provided, particularly the ability to review, markup and comment on proofs from any mobile device. ProofHQ instantly removed the logjams from Runnings’ review and approval process.

The benefits

With ProofHQ, Runnings now has a more thorough and effective review and approval process. In fact, Runnings has cut several weeks of overtime work compared to the previous year. During its busy season, the company has print deadlines every week. Since implementing ProofHQ, it never misses a deadline whether it’s an 8- or 16-page flyer.


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