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The Five Enemies of Marketing Productivity

November 22, 2016

You know daily time-wasters like email and spreadsheets eat away valuable time and creativity. But which one is the biggest problem for you and your team, and exactly how much is it costing you—in time, money and lost productivity?

Use these free worksheets from Workfront to understand the enemies standing between your marketing team and the creative work they really want to do. You can also calculate the financial benefit of removing these five productivity killers.


Email interrupts your team, distracts attention and wastes hours of precious creative time. How serious is your email problem?


69% of people believe meetings are not productive. Yet we continue to fill our days with them. Have you ever stopped to count the true cost of all those design review meetings and repetitive campaign status reviews?

Programs and Apps

The Internet is bursting at the seams with lots of handy little programs, just begging to solve a problem and boost productivity. But when projects become choked, even free apps come at a hefty price and create productivity app chaos.


Spreadsheets are a subtle enemy to productivity because they seem so friendly. But share a campaign tracking spreadsheet with your team, and everyone immediately saves their own version. “Is this the new version? Or the new, new version?”


Timesheets can really put a cramp on creativity and stifle productivity. How much time and money is spent on an ineffective process that most people wish would go away?

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