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3 Ways Marketers Can Improve Communication

September 16, 2016 Natalie Ward

Stop Collaboration Madness

In today’s marketing world, teams often miss important information because different threads were strung across different platforms including email, spreadsheets, sticky notes, verbally through office visits or meetings, and through instant messaging. Between all the time spent asking, looking, and updating, more confusion is tossed on the pile to help clear up the clutter.

Stop going in circles, take a deep breath, and learn how you can improve your team’s collaboration communication by addressing three main problems:

  • Missed critical communication
  • Involving the wrong stakeholders
  • There is no one source of truth

About the Author

Natalie Ward

Natalie Ward is a Content Marketing Manager on the Solutions Marketing team at Workfront with nearly a decade of experience in various marketing functions. Her background includes marketing for both business and non-profit organizations including content production, public relations, events, and brand management. When she isn’t managing content—or the schedules of her four kids—she enjoys talking with friends over delicious cuisine.

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