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The Quest for Painless IT Work Management

October 26, 2016

Your world of IT workload management is full of choices, risk, consequences and rewards. Making informed choices at the right time is critical to the success of your organization.

Read this white paper to discover how to remove 12 painful barriers to managing IT workload in addition to:

  • Why 60-80% of projects fail
  • 4 best practices to improve team efficiency
  • How to implement an efficient communication strategy
  • 3 critical steps for managing requirements
  • Why only 40% of organizations have a solid resource allocation and what you can do to implement one today
  • How to balance demand, requirements, resource availability and expectations
Download white paper today!

“Doing work the traditional way is like trying to find treasure with only a few burned up map fragments. Fortunately, there is a better way to work, one that gives you the entire map from the start. The methodology of Enterprise Work Management takes into account the entire lifecycle of work and is the complete map for getting all your work successfully from point A to point B, including the project execution phase.”

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