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5 Beasts Your Agency Faces (And How to Slay Them)

October 26, 2017


First, the bad news: Your agency is in danger. But the good news is now that you know, you can do something about it.

The things that hunt you may be readily apparent or nearly invisible, but like other agencies out there, they hunt you just the same. Maybe it’s a struggle with tracking and quantifying your freelance spend, dealing with the collaboration struggles that come with agency growth, or maybe it’s the daily battle against a mountain of busywork that keeps you distracted and steals creative time.

You want to fight back and reclaim the job you love, but with so much on the line, where do you begin?

In this on-demand webinar, Jake Wells, Workfront Sr. Value Engineer and Agency Monster Hunter, will reveal 5 beastly problems that are hounding modern agencies and show you how to fight back, including:

  • Balancing creativity and process
  • Identifying and eliminating time-wasting work
  • Reduce the number of rounds of reviews
  • Solving the resource planning puzzle
  • Taking control of your freelance spend

About the presenters


Jake Wells

Sr. Value Engineer,


As a Value Engineer with Workfront, Jake has a focus on Workfront’s agency clients and prospects to assist them in evolving their work management processes, achieve efficiencies and discover greater value in the use of the product.  Jake joined Workfront after spending more than a decade working inside agencies where he played a portfolio leadership role for the major brands guiding and producing advertising and marketing efforts. Jake’s background also includes web and applications development, project management and application architecture.

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