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Marketing Project Management 201

June 9, 2016

From best-practices of project management to the new trend to use Agile methods in marketing, there are solid ways to streamline work and improve productivity.

Join Workfront and Robert Kelly to take a closer look at the challenges of managing marketing project workflows and learn tips to:

  • Better manage workflows and set reasonable deadlines
  • Accurately determine project scope
  • Improve review and approval process
  • Understand the benefits of using Agile methods to manage work

About the presenters


Robert Kelly



Prior to starting KPS, Robert successfully led complex, enterprise projects for 15 years, with a portfolio that spans IT, marketing, procurement, and sales initiatives. The results of his efforts have been realized in over 40 countries around the world and across multiple sectors; including companies like Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan, Lenovo and Red Hat. Robert also co-founded #PMChat, a global community of project managers and business leaders that discuss best practices and lessons learned via various social media platforms.


Chris Savoie

Director of Product Strategy


As Director of Product Strategy, Chris Savoie leads core product research, strategy, and UX design for Workfront. He is an expert on project and request management, workflow automation, team collaboration, and Agile marketing. Prior to Workfront, he lead software product management within the oil and gas industry and was an instructor supporting human spaceflight activities at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. His favorite numbers are 3, 7, 10, and 21.

Logan Mallory

Logan Mallory

Sr. Digital Marketing Manager


Logan's experience is in leveraging digital mediums to drive lead generation and e-commerce revenue. Currently he manages web strategy at Workfront, which means he spends his days focused on conversion rate optimization, A/B testing and SEO. Logan received his MBA from Brigham Young University, is passionate about his family, public speaking and reading great books like "How Will You Measure Your Life?" and "Ender's Game".

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