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You’ve Lost that Creative Feelin’

August 10, 2016


Do you want to be creative? Of course. That’s what you’re paid to do. But chances are, after meetings, emails, project planning, administrative work, and general chaos, your team has only a fraction of the day left for creative work.

So how do you get your creative time back? How do you tap into your team’s creative potential that’s currently being suppressed because of a lack of time? How do you make sure you’re spending your day doing what you were hired to do?

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn what’s keeping creative teams from being more creative and find out:

  • Why poor processes equal poor creativity
  • What to do when your team gets attacked by ad hoc tasks
  • How to train robots to do your grunt work (leaving more creative time to humans)
  • How to make meetings the exception, not the rule

About the presenters

Vittorio Cascianelli

Vittorio Cascianelli

Sr. Design Manager


Vittorio is an accomplished industrial designer and an experienced team leader. As Senior Design Manager at Electrolux, he manages and directs all creative and operational design activities for the Small Appliance Division for North America.


Brent Bird

Brent Bird

Sr. Solutions Manager


As Solutions Marketing Manager for Workfront, Brent Bird leads go-to-market research and content marketing strategy. He has worked with hundreds of global marketing teams and agencies to help them effectively manage their workload and control chaos. Brent has spent the majority of his career marketing enterprise software solutions, but he has also spent time in advertising, broadcasting, and copywriting. He is working to attend a game in every Major League baseball park to determine which hot dog wins.


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