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Improve Productivity & Profit in Your Solution Implementations

June 7, 2016

The 2015 Professional Services Maturity Benchmark report from Service Performance Insight (SPI) talks about this dramatic shift and highlights the impact effective data and technology solutions can have on the services experience.

This in-depth report:

  • Objectively examines the metrics, the tools, and the strategies that have tangible effects on the performance of the organization.
  • Shows the benefits of data-driven management
  • Provides insight into the tools and processes that are essential for success
  • Takes a deep-dive into SPI’s 5 Service Performance Pillars

Get this report and achieve greater success in the coming year.

About SPI

Service Performance Insight (SPI) is a global research, consulting and training organization dedicated to helping professional service organizations (PSOs) make quantum improvements in productivity and profit. In 2007, SPI developed the PS Maturity Model™ as a strategic planning and management framework. It is now the industry-leading performance improvement tool used by over 10,000 service and project-oriented organizations to chart their course to service excellence.

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