What is Hurting the Working Environment in the UK?

February 17, 2016 Marcus Varner

How does your working environment measure up to other offices around the U.K.? Are you facing the same challenges that hurt productivity and morale—like lack of faith in leadership, too many distractions from your "real job," late nights working from home, and a disappearing lunch hour? Get a glimpse of the current state of the UK workplace in a fascinating new Slideshare from Workfront, the result of a recent survey conducted among 2,051 office workers ages 18 and older.

  • Are you among the 96% who think of themselves as "very or quite productive"—despite all the challenges you face in the workplace?

  • Do you think your company's leadership is "very or quite productive" as well? If so, only 60% of your compatriots can say the same about their bosses.

  • How long is your lunch hour? If it's only 30 minutes, you're following the trend. A mere 20% of office workers take a 45-60 minute lunch these days, while 0% are gone longer than an hour.

  • Do you log into work outside of normal business hours? So does almost everyone else. A staggering 47% of office workers do this every single day.

  • How much time do you spend performing your primary job duties? If it's 40% or more, then consider yourself above the average.

Dive deeper into these revealing insights—and many more—by viewing the Slideshare above or downloading our free UK State of Enterprise Work Report.


About the Author

Marcus Varner

Marcus is a content strategist and producer who loves helping brands craft content that improves customers' lives, builds brand credibility, and demands to be shared. For the last 10 years, Marcus has worked in every type of content—from writing to video production to design—and is currently a senior content marketing manager at Workfront, where he oversees all corporate- and awareness-level level content. When he's not producing content, he's consuming it, in the form of books, movies, and podcasts.

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