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What is Workfront Library?

Workfront Library is an enterprise digital content hub for managing the full lifecycle of digital assets— from creation to use—so your teams can move at a faster pace.

Create content faster
Create content faster
Integrate with Workfront

Eliminate tool switching and stay organized. Access Workfront Library directly from Workfront. Sync document versions and final artifacts between tools and pass along metadata for quick organization.

Easy requests

Allow users to request changes or new documents through your Workfront request queues without leaving Workfront Library. Workfront will route those to the right team so they can get started on the work.

Work in progress content management

When content isn’t ready for full distribution, My Library lets you organize and share it with the people who need it. Once it’s ready to be published, send it to the enterprise portal without changing its location.

Find what you need
Find what you need
Enterprise-grade search

Search that works. Workfront Library’s proprietary algorithm helps you find content you need without all of the filters—but we have those too. Search folders, content, metadata, and even Workfront documents to find exactly what you need.

Personalized work spaces

Work organized the way you want. Workfront Library lets each user personalize their library with custom folders and collections. They can pull content from the enterprise folders, Workfront, or upload their own assets and share with the team’s they are collaborating with.

Collaboration portals

Share groups of content with internal and external collaborators with our custom portals. Group documents and folders together and set custom sharing controls on who can access it.

Use and deliver the right content
Use and deliver the right content
Administrator controls

Control who has access to specific content. Your designated administrator can determine which content can be viewed, downloaded, or uploaded by users across departments. Get real-time alerts when the content your team manages is changed or used.

Automated metadata

Whether you’re sending content from Workfront or uploading a bunch of documents, automatically fill out the appropriate metadata fields so your team doesn’t have to do it manually.

Measure content performance

Content isn’t valuable unless it’s used by the people who need it. Track the hours it took to create and the performance of your content so you have a true view of the content’s ROI.

Workfront Customers Achieve More.

"Workfront has given Fossil a platform to deliver critical information to the creative departments and helps give marketing visibility to the time needed to complete the projects."
Philip Bower
Director of Creative Services
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L'occitane saved $250,000 per year after implementing Workfront.


ATB saw 100% ROI for the Workfront solution in year one.

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