2016 UK State of Enterprise Work Report: UK Workers Love Their Co-Workers

October 4, 2016 Marcus Varner

We recently released our 2016-17 U.S. State of Enterprise Work Report, but how are enterprise workers on the other side of the pond? Surprisingly similar, it turns out—with the exception of how they view their office mates: nearly 7 out of 10 UK workers are happy with their co-workers.

This newest report from Workfront surveyed over 600 UK enterprise workers, defined as office workers at companies of 500 employees or more, and found their challenges, preferences, and concerns to be nearly identical to their American counterparts.

Just as in the U.S. report, workers' time for their primary job duties was under constant encroachment from email, meetings, and other administrative tasks. Conflict between departments in the U.K. office, as in the U.S. office, was found to be virtually all-present. This points to the very real possibility that the struggles of trying to align and focus teams in increasingly competitive markets  and complex organizations are universal.

Some of the most notable stats from the UK State of Enterprise Work Report include:

  • The percentage of workers experiencing conflict with other teams is at an alarming 96%
  • 62% of general office workers take 30 minutes or less for lunch, with 28% taking 15 minutes or less
  • Loud-talking co-workers and temperature-challenged workspaces are the biggest office pet peeves

To read the complete 2016-17 UK State of Enterprise Work Report, click here.


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