4 Key Takeaways from Jay Baer’s “Youtility” Session at 2017 Leap

May 25, 2017 Scott Duehlmeier

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On the third day of #2017Leap, Jay Baer said to me: “My session on making marketing more awesome is at 2:30 in Grand Salon (plus a book signing).” So of course, I attended his session to learn more on why “smart marketing is about help, not hype.”

In a session that featured everything from vasectomy reversals to wet diapers, here are four of the biggest takeaways from "Youtility."

See our post, "Off-Mic With Masterful Marketers: How Jay Baer Does Great Work," for even more expert insight.

1. Being great at marketing is harder than ever; it is harder today than it was yesterday, and it will be harder again tomorrow, because your customers’ attention is totally fragmented.

“According to a Nielsen report, between the years 2010 and 2015, there was a 31 percent decline in use of newspapers, 23 percent decline of magazines, 15 percent decline listening to the radio, 8 percent decline in watching television, and a 105 percent increase in time spent on the internet, so with your customers spending this time online, your competition is everything (not just your competitors).”

- Scott Duehlmeier 

"Take a minute and look at your own timeline on your favorite social network… how many different things are there that are competing for your attention?

After Jay’s session I logged on to Facebook, and there it was (business, business, friend, news outlet, business, friend, promoted business post). 

There are times when I log on to find something, and after a few minutes… I don’t even remember why I got on in the first place.”

As Jay said, “We are all competing for attention.”

2. In this attention age, smart marketing—marketing that works—provides help, not hype.

“One of the most important concepts in marketing today is also one of the most difficult… we must embrace the power of 'eventually.'

So much of what we listen to, read, or talk about forces us to believe that marketing success is always about faster, faster, faster, faster—convert faster, click faster, sell faster, but in reality, the relationships we build with customers today take place over a longer period of time than ever.”

3. The definition of "Youtility" is simply “marketing that is so useful, people will pay you for it.”

“Youtility is marketing that people actually want, as opposed to marketing that they tolerate. You can sell something, and create a customer today, or you can help someone, and potentially create a customer for life.

That is what we’re really trying to accomplish, not just one-night-stand our customers, we’re trying to build customer relationships over the long haul."

4. Why doesn’t every company do this?

“The reason why is because not every company has the missing ingredient to do it… and that is courage.

It takes real courage to create marketing that is so useful that people will pay for it, courage to break out of the old ways of doing it.”

Jay encouraged each of us to become a Youtility personality by doing the following:

Every morning when you wake up, before you get out of bed, before you brush your teeth, just stay there, close your eyes and ask yourself one question: "how can I help?"

Feel free to tweet Jay Baer and ask him how you can #FindYourOwnBob.

Jay’s book Youtility is available to purchase. (And I strongly recommend you do… I promise, I’m not getting a kickback.)

See our video "Jay Baer at LEAP 2017: The Future of Work and Youtility" to hear more from Jay.

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