4 Tips for Better Content Marketing—Whether B2B or B2C is Your Jam

September 22, 2016 Shelbi Gomez

Content plays a crucial role in any marketing campaign, for any audience. A recent infographic from ProofHQ shares how businesses should target their content marketing, depending on whether they speak to a b2b audience or a b2c audience—or whether they have the additional challenge of trying to reach both audience types.

One important consideration going in: you’re never just marketing to a business. You’re always marketing to individuals within that business—a fact that’s easy to lose sight of.

Here are four more helpful tips from the infographic.

1. Define Your Content Marketing Strategy

Only 32% of B2B and 37% of B2C businesses have defined and written down the specifics of their content marketing approach. Doing so will help you see your strategy more objectively and make any necessary changes.


2. Collaborate and Communicate

You’ll rarely hear us encouraging anyone to have more meetings. But studies show that 6 out of 10 of the most effective marketers meet daily or weekly, while only 44% of B2B marketers do so. Here are five tips to keep those meetings more productive:


3. Be Compliant

Avoid unnecessary risks with privacy laws, compliance guidelines, and marketing regulations (both state and federal) by working closely with your organization’s legal department and communicating with the compliance team on a regular basis.


4. Streamline Content Creation

Improving your review and approval workflows can literally cut your review time in half, as one creative director discovered after onboarding a digital proofing solution.

“We probably went through two extra rounds of comps on everything before we had a digital proofing solution. We’re now doing just 2-3 reviews on 90% of our projects—down from an average of 4-6 rounds previously,” said Travis Lucas, who oversees a six-member team at a Salt Lake City-based media company.

Here’s what do to if you’d like to see similar results in your organization:

For more B2B and B2C marketing tips, consult the complete infographic.


About the Author

Shelbi Gomez

Shelbi is an experienced public relations professional with experience in both agency and corporate marketing environments. She currently guides brand awareness, market research, analyst relations, and customer content. She has nearly a decade of BtoB and BtoC experience helping companies tell their stories in the changing media landscape — in traditional media outlets, social media, and now through content marketing.

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