Boosting Team Productivity: Three Real-Life Case Studies

March 13, 2018 Heather Hurst

by Heather Hurst

I love it when I stumble across something written centuries ago that still resonates strongly today. Maybe you, too, can relate to William Penn’s assessment:

“Time is what we want most but what we use worst.”

Companies benefit when employees get more done in the time they spend at work. Most white-collar workers I know also would be happier (and accomplish more) if their work processes were more visible, more streamlined, and more automated—so they could avoid doing the same time-consuming, manual tasks over and over.

See our post "4 Crucial Steps to Help You Make Deadline on Any Project" for more time-saving tips.

Searching for a way to improve productivity is how many knowledge workers discover Workfront, which goes beyond mere project management, helping automate and streamline processes for teams around the globe.

Here are three real-life case studies that illustrate what a robust operational system of record can do for you.

Dignity Health Increases Team Communication and Productivity

After establishing a Performance Excellence Group to advance initiatives across its nearly 40 facilities, Dignity Health knew it needed to standardize templates and enforce processes.

"There was no charter, no process map, and no knowledge base for teams to contribute what they were doing, which meant not only was there likely 50 percent redundancy in projects, but standards were lacking.

"The deliverables were all different," says Lauren Krikke, former senior business analyst in the Performance Excellence Group and now project manager in Dignity Health’s Enterprise Project Management Office (PMO).

A comprehensive work management platform provided complete visibility into all of the process improvements supported by Dignity Health’s Performance Excellence Group, and soon workforce productivity began to rise:

  • System and facility-level employees spent an estimated 20-25 percent less time preparing for and executing projects
  • 100 employees eliminated the manual re-entry of data, saving about an hour a day  

Among the nation’s five largest healthcare systems, Dignity Health, headquartered in San Francisco, operates a 21-state network of nearly 11,000 physicians, 56,000 employees, and more than 300 care centers. Today, employees are more efficient.

“During meetings, we can see individuals making live updates, which means others can immediately act on that information,” explains Lacey Newbry, senior director over tools and standards, enterprise PMO.

"Workfront is saving time now, and we expect that project management time savings to increase to 50 percent very quickly."

Across the world and in totally different industries, two other companies are experiencing the benefits of taming work chaos.

Warburtons Improves Team Productivity and Project On-Time Delivery

One of Britain’s best food businesses, Warburtons, increased the productivity of its integrated IT services team by replacing an inefficient IT change management process (built on Lotus Notes) with an enterprise work management solution.

In addition to saving senior and middle-management up to 12 hours of time each week, the cloud-based solution standardized the baker’s approach to application, infrastructure, and governance changes while giving team members greater autonomy.

Speed and process are equally important to the success of a business that distributes two million fresh products daily.

Warburtons configured four work templates—one for each major stage—to support its new IT change management process. Within the work management system, IT staff now easily populate the appropriate project planning phases before work gets started.

In the define stage, for example, requesters must enter test plans with references to specific documents in the company’s shared drives. As requests are validated and converted into projects, managers can help identify who will complete specific tasks and when.

That information, which is accessible and visible to team members, is improving employee productivity and reducing project delays.

“Interruptions are a normal part of the day for many of our IT employees. They have the difficult balance of supporting existing customers and building new capabilities at the same time,” explains Paul Rawlinson, IT governance manager at Warburtons. "Workfront helps our team members plan and communicate better."

Royal Society of Chemistry Team Members Get 80+ Hours Back a Month

At the UK’s professional body for chemical scientists, the Royal Society of Chemistry, teams completed approximately 150 marketing campaigns annually using a manual, multistep process. Yet it was impossible for anyone to have complete visibility over all of the projects and tasks underway.

The deployment of a centralized work management solution provided greater transparency. Now, all marketing and creative team members have visibility into requests, collaborate with stakeholders, and track project details and time in the system. In turn, employees are more productive.

Royal Society of Chemistry’s specialty team members now save more than 80 hours a month by eliminating busywork and improving workflow processes. For example, audience marketing specialists are saving the 11.25 hours they used to spend walking stakeholders through implementation plans. And there’s even time now for career development.

“Our team’s assistants now set aside 10 percent of their time to work on their own projects,” says Carys Hayler, direct marketing manager at the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Wiser Use of Time Benefits Businesses and Employees

Time is universal. It moves forward whether we like it or not. Regardless of what your company does, an operational system of record helps employees focus on the right work, produce their best work, and deliver that work faster.

Check out other businesses that use Workfront to get more out of the time their team members spend at work.

About the Author

Heather Hurst

Heather has enjoyed playing the game of marketing for the past 15 years, at the agency and corporate level, in both B2C and B2B companies. She's run PR campaigns that took her from the MTV Beach House to NASDAQ and many media outlets and content channels in between. She is currently the Corporate Marketing Director at Workfront.

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