How's Your Email Productivity?

December 7, 2015 Shelbi Gomez

Email can be an invaluable productivity aid for office workers—enabling asynchronous communication between colleagues in different locations and time zones, providing a searchable record of work conversations, and even offering rudimentary task-tracking capabilities.

As the SlideShare above points out, 88 percent of enterprise workers say email makes them more productive.

See our SlideShare called "Business Email Etiquette" to learn seven annoying email habits you should break right now.

On the flip side, 40 percent of enterprise workers also complain that excessive email gets in the way of their work.

"After email, meetings, and interruptions, office workers have only 45 percent of their time for the work they were hired to do." — State of Enterprise Work Report

One of the biggest benefits of email? It enables workers to "access work information from anywhere," which 82 percent of office workers in our survey consider a productivity boost.

As it turns out, all of these benefits (minus the downsides) are also available in today's online project management solutions. Forty-nine percent of those surveyed say project management software makes them more productive.

For more surprising statistics about productivity in the workplace, view the complete SlideShare or download our "2015 State of Enterprise Work Report."

See our post, "Are You Truly Productive or Just Crazy Busy? 5 Common Productivity Pitfalls" to learn how you can get more done at work.

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Shelbi Gomez

Shelbi is an experienced public relations professional with experience in both agency and corporate marketing environments. She currently guides brand awareness, market research, analyst relations, and customer content. She has nearly a decade of BtoB and BtoC experience helping companies tell their stories in the changing media landscape — in traditional media outlets, social media, and now through content marketing.

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