One Enterprise Work Management tool equals more money for Workfront customers

September 12, 2013 Workfront

If you talk to our customers, they'll say they now use a single tool to get more for their money with Workfront.

More Visibility Into Work … instead of foggy or assumed results.

The American Capital PMO wasn't getting any visibility into projects being worked on, project budgets, or team productivity. The department was unable to provide management with data on accountability or resourcing. The PMO formalized data gathering, defining projects, and collecting timesheet information via Excel spreadsheets. This process consumed 2 to 3 days per week, resulting in delayed reports to management, inaccurate numbers, and lost productivity for the PMO.

After implementing, the team picked up Workfront Enterprise Work Cloud quickly. Management was delighted to see it producing valuable reports, including info on projects, estimated and actual budgets, and team member efficiency.

Today, American Capital uses Workfront as a single source of truth to see what projects are being worked on, what's in the pipeline, and what's being spent on each project at any time, giving visibility to better prioritize resources.

"Credibility is definitely one of the greatest impacts Workfront has had on the whole PMO, both up and down. My superiors can go in and they can see the data and have trust in that data because it's coming from the whole team." – Jen French, Senior Manager, PMO

More Efficiency … instead of bloat and ineffectiveness.

Up through 2009, Trek tried using separate applications to keep up with burgeoning numbers of projects and an increasingly global team spread out across the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Project data was so scattered between these applications that it was impossible for team members to target bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Project managers wasted time trying to gather and sort data in spreadsheets. Departments worked in their own silos with little collaboration, resulting in late projects that cost Trek millions in annual sales.

"We could never really nail down where things piled up. At the end of the year, when we were 40 or 50 percent on time, it was very hard to go back and remember exactly what the barriers were that caused us to be late" – Steve Malchow, VP of Operations, Engineering and Sourcing

After implementing Workfront, the platform gave managers and teams customizable, up-to-the-minute reports and dashboards, allowing them to communicate and collaborate across the globe in real time.

With this data, other managers were able to spot bottlenecks and work together to find ways to ensure that projects proceeded on time. Workfront also allowed Trek to better manage resources and align work across departments much more efficiently. Freed from countless status meetings and spreadsheets, senior managers, engineers, and others got 30 percent of their time back to work on innovation and improvement. These changes allowed Trek to increase their on-time delivery rate to 80 percent, adding millions in sales revenue.

"Our on-time rate improved to 80 percent, and Workfront had a big part of improving that rating. It helped our teams get the information they needed when they needed it." – Kris Lamp, Director of Program Management

"I used to go to meetings two or three times a week ... Now, I'll attend maybe one meeting a month, because I already know." – Kris Lamp, Director of Program Management

More Clarity from One Tool … instead of the chaos that comes from many.

For Carphone Warehouse, headquartered in the U.K., Excel spreadsheets and email couldn't provide accountability across multiple delivery areas, identify problems early enough to take remedial action, or keep project information up to date. As a result, the retail store managers had their store formats stretched out to 4 days, costs rose, stores reopened late or incomplete, and sales revenues were lost, hurting team and company credibility.

With Workfront, all project workflow data was in one tool. They could anticipate and eliminate issues to make their projects more streamlined and better account for their performance. With this increased visibility came unprecedented efficiency. Store merchandising times dropped from four to two days, increasing the number of on-time store openings, boosting customer satisfaction, and creating revenue from time savings. The number of store openings the team could handle in any given time period tripled. Ultimately, this reduced the average project payback time from 24 to two months and restored the team's reputation.

"The visibility that Workfront has created into what our team members are working on, where our projects were failing, has been more than worth the pricetag. And we couldn't have had that if our whole team weren't all in the same tool, working off the same information." – Eckhart Diepenhorst

More Team Engagement … instead of siloed teams and individuals.

With their past software, the PVH team had struggled with shoddy time management and had been reluctant to adopt new tools. They even resorted to using paper checklists and post-it notes. This left them unable to accurately anticipate seasonal spikes in activity or track resource needs and budgets.

After implementing Workfront Enterprise Work Cloud, PVH executives such as Kathleen Livingston could see in real-time what was happening with all projects, in terms of budgets, resource management, and man hours. Data was tracked in one solution. With all deadlines and priorities in front of them, each team member could take ownership of their tasks and track their progress and challenges in Workfront notes and updates. Team satisfaction with the tool was evidenced by their perfect 100% usage rate.

"Now we are populating the projects with tasks, owners and milestones which is great. We like TeamHome because it's easy to use and we love that our project leaders have accountability and control over their work." – Kathleen Livingston, VP Marketing Operations

Now that you've seen more about the real benefits of Workfront contact us today at or +1-866-441-0001 and let's start a conversation.

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