Project Management 101 Part Four: Fulfillment

July 21, 2016 Hala Saleh

PM pro Hala Saleh wraps up her four-part blog series with her best tips for wrapping up your marketing projects.

How can marketers harness the power of project process to be more efficient and competitive? Last March, project management speaker and expert Hala Saleh joined us for a webinar crash course on the basics of project management for marketers. Here’s what she had to say about the fourth phase of any project. Enjoy!

So you’ve prioritized the work. You’ve gotten it done and developed something great that you can’t wait to share with the world. Congratulations! You’ve officially come to the end of your project.


So now what?

Before you break out the cupcakes, you’ve got one last phase to traverse: Fulfillment.

Now comes the point where you integrate your product—your new ad campaign or app or website rebuild —into your ecosystem. This is the moment to publish or go public with your hard work.

Avoiding Disruption

One huge question that hovers over the Fulfillment phase is: How do we put our product out there without disrupting what we already have in the ecosystem?

This disruption can take many forms.

  • If you’re putting a new marketing asset or a campaign out there, how do you make sure that everything you need for a successful launch is in place?

  • How do you keep from disrupting the things you’ve already published?

  • Is your branding the same on the new asset as it was on the assets put out yesterday?

  • If you’re doing an email campaign, have you made sure to remove the people who have unsubscribed from your list?

This isn’t an exhaustive list of the questions you should be asking during—and hopefully, before—the Fulfillment phase, but it should give you an idea of where your mind should be.

Live By Timeliness


For almost every marketing project, there is an ideal release date that aligns with some kind of calendar event or even season of the year. This means that in these types of projects, that ideal release time should truly drive the scheduling and timing of the Fulfillment phase.

For example, a really well written, well designed, beautiful email all about St. Patrick ’s Day won’t make any sense if you send it out in October. An e-book about re-organizing your life, planning, and setting new goals for the year won’t have nearly as much impact if it goes out in June, instead of December or January.

Robert Rose of the Content Marketing Institute once told of how he asks marketers about why they publish content when they do. To his surprise, most of them said:

“Well, because it’s done.”

This how we operate far too often, instead of aligning our fulfillment strategy with our project’s original strategy and reason for existing. As marketers, we need to avoid this cycle by creating and then sticking to a publication checklist, and keeping an eye out for the criticality of timeliness.

A Moment of Reflection

Like most project phases, a successful Fulfillment phase starts and ends with a moment of reflection. By thinking through what process and tools you need to introduce your new campaign or asset to your environment—and then doing some healthy experimentation to see what works for you—you can finish every project on a high note.


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About the Author

Hala Saleh

Hala is a speaker, entrepreneur, and technologist who transforms organizations and creates real, tangible business results. She is also the president of 27Sprints and the co-founder of Produktivity Box.

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