Ready to Go Way Back With Marketing's Top Minds?

August 26, 2016 Marcus Varner

Robert Rose.

Viveka Von Rosen.

Mark Schaefer.

Ann Handley.

Jason Falls.

Their names are everywhere in today's marketing landscape, but they weren't always the thought leaders they are today. Like any marketing department, each one of them has experienced their share of risks, failures, triumphs, and lessons learned.

A few months ago, we pitched to these marketing thought leaders the idea of gathering their best, funniest, or just most profound early career moments and compiling them into a single Slideshare. They were all game. Now, months later, we are pleased to present the Slideshare above, "Going Way Back With Marketing's Top Minds." Enjoy! 

Now that you've read their most educational career moments, tell us your own "lesson-learned" moments from your career. What experiences gave you your biggest, most career-changing epiphanies? What "mistakes" have led to your biggest wins?


About the Author

Marcus Varner

Marcus is a content strategist and producer who loves helping brands craft content that improves customers' lives, builds brand credibility, and demands to be shared. For the last 10 years, Marcus has worked in every type of content—from writing to video production to design—and is currently a senior content marketing manager at Workfront, where he oversees all corporate- and awareness-level level content. When he's not producing content, he's consuming it, in the form of books, movies, and podcasts.

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