Video Blog: 3 Things You Must Know From Our Agile Marketing Survey

August 4, 2016 Joe Staples


Joe Staples: The term ‘agile’ as an adjective is thought of as flexible or nimble, easy to adapt. But it’s also a formal methodology for work. It’s a methodology that’s been used by IT teams for a number of years, but more recently has become a hot topic for marketing teams who are looking for ways to better manage their work. 

And what they found is that it provides some great enhancements relative to flexibility, as well as productivity. In a recent study conducted by MarketingProfs on their website and sponsored by Workfront, we found that 41% of marketers either already use or plan to implement Agile.

Now, a mixed methodology is also one that seems to be quite prominent. The study showed that 40% of the respondents were using mixed methodology approach, where they take some of the Agile principles and blend them with more traditional work management approaches. 

So what’s the primary barrier to wider adoption of Agile for marketers? The study showed that it was really a lack of knowledge or internal expertise that created the single biggest challenge for marketers’ Agile aspirations.

Bottom line is, Agile has a home for marketers. It’s been proven that it’s got benefits both internally and externally and in the ability to get work done. 

To see more of the results of the study, download the report today.


About the Author

Joe Staples

Joe is a senior B2B tech marketing executive (currently CMO at Workfront) with primary emphasis in SaaS, mar-tech, and customer experience sectors. He loves brand-building, demand generation, PR/AR, and creative campaign development and prides himself in providing a good blend of strategy and execution.

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