Video Blog: So What is Enterprise Work Management Anyway?

September 1, 2016 Joe Staples


Joe Staples: So what is enterprise work management anyway? Let's start with taking a look at how work gets done. And that starts with the request, which is sometimes part of the problem. 

Requests come in from all different locations and in all different ways. It may be a request a new piece of collateral to a marketing director or a request for a project to be completed by an IT team. It may come in via email, a drive-by discussion, a phone call. How does all of that get managed?

Then, once the request is made, resources need to be assigned, priority needs to be given to the project, and tat's really where all the work starts to happen. Visibility back to the requester needs to be there. I think we'd all admit that work can be chaotic at times.

An enterprise work management solution creates organization around projects and processes. Oftentimes, teams use antiquated tools to manage work, things like email and spreadsheets. With enterprise work management, you now have a single source of truth, a single source for requesters to make their requests, and, ultimately, a single source where all of the work gets managed. It provides great visibility not only for the requester, but visibility for those managing the work and actually doing the work.

So if you'd like to learn more, please click the link.


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Joe Staples

Joe is a senior B2B tech marketing executive (currently CMO at Workfront) with primary emphasis in SaaS, mar-tech, and customer experience sectors. He loves brand-building, demand generation, PR/AR, and creative campaign development and prides himself in providing a good blend of strategy and execution.

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