Video Blog: Takeaways From the 2016 State of Enterprise Work Report

October 26, 2016 Joe Staples


Joe Staples: The workplace is changing. The way work gets done and work itself is changing. In our annual State of Enterprise Work Report, we surveyed hundreds of employees, asking them dozens of questions about their work and the way that they approach that work. The results were significant, ranging from spectacular to really kinda not so much.

One of the first things that the study revealed was that more workers are spending large portions of the workday on things other than what they were hired to do, stating that only 39% of their day was spent on their primary job duties.

The study also revealed the top three things that got in the way of work included excessive oversight, excessive emails, and wasteful meetings. Meetings and emails are a necessary part of today's workplace. Unfortunately, they're oftentimes misused, actually decreasing productivity, rather than increasing it.

But the good news is, there are better ways to manage work.

While work isn't always rainbows and butterflies, the surveyed revealed several bright spots, primarily around people's work environment and their co-workers. Eighty percent of office workers stated they love their jobs and are usually happy to be there. They also expressed that dealing with their co-workers made them happy and that at least one person at work had their back.

When we asked workers what would make them more productive, 25% of them said they were looking for uninterrupted blocks of work time. 

There were certainly strong predictions in the report for changes. Twenty-seven percent agreed that email will no longer be the main mode of communication in five years.

And overtime is on the rise. 45.1 hours is the typical work week for office workers in 2016, compared with 44.3 hours in 2015. When asked how they feel about working after hours or on weekends, 69% said it made them feel negatively.

The study is packed full of useful information, like how to do your best work, what are the things that get in the way of your work, what technical tools are people finding most useful.

To download the entire 40-page U.S. State of Enterprise Work Report, click here.

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Joe Staples

Joe is a senior B2B tech marketing executive (currently CMO at Workfront) with primary emphasis in SaaS, mar-tech, and customer experience sectors. He loves brand-building, demand generation, PR/AR, and creative campaign development and prides himself in providing a good blend of strategy and execution.

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