Video Blog: Work-Life Balance for Baby Boomers vs. Millennials

July 15, 2015 Joe Staples

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Joe Staples: A lot has been written and discussed about how to get a proper work-life balance. In a recent study conducted by Workfront, we surveyed over 600 working adults and looked at some of the trends and how they best manage trying to develop a good work-life balance. One of the things that we noticed very quickly is that there are some distinct differences between Millennials' attitudes and those of Baby Boomers.

Let me give you a couple of examples. We asked, "Is it okay to answer or respond to a work email during a family dinner?" 52% of Millennials said it was okay. Only 23% of Baby Boomers said it was okay.

When we then asked questions around some of the culprits or some the reasons behind work-life imbalance, 51% of Millennials stated that bad bosses were a contributor to their work-life imbalance, but 70% of Baby Boomers cited that same cause. 29% of Millennials said that incompetent colleagues were a cause for the imbalance. But again, 42% of Baby Boomers stated the same reason.

So while there are differences between Millennials and Baby Boomers, there were also some things that everybody agreed on. One was a desire for flexible work time. Groups across all ages felt that that was one of the things that would allow them to be more productive at work and have a better work-life balance.

Another suggestion for fixing those work-life balance challenges was for employers to respect the off-time or off-clock hours of their employees. Clearly, one summary point to the survey was that employers and employees needed to work together to find that proper work-life balance. That came about in open communication, in flexible work schedules, and certainly in understanding the needs of each party. That will make them more productive in the time that they are spending at the office.

With that, if you'd like to see the results of the entire survey, please click the link.

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Joe Staples

Joe is a senior B2B tech marketing executive (former CMO at Workfront) with primary emphasis in SaaS, mar-tech, and customer experience sectors. He loves brand-building, demand generation, PR/AR, and creative campaign development and prides himself in providing a good blend of strategy and execution.

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