11 Useful Project Management Tools for Marketing Teams

May 19, 2015 Kelsey Uebelhor


You know that there is a lot of communication and delegation that goes into running a marketing campaign. Keeping your team on the same page as far as tasks, deadlines, and creative collaboration can be quite the chore. Fortunately, there is a slew of project management tools that are designed to make a marketer’s job easier, or at least more streamlined. But researching these apps and deciding which is right for you and your team can be a chore in and of itself. We’ve started that project for you by compiling a list of 11 project management tools for marketers.

1. Asana

Asana is one of the most popular project management apps. It comes in both a web and mobile version, allowing team members to access it from virtually anywhere. Asana promotes itself as an app that “puts tasks and conversations together.” Through this app, you can create projects and lists of tasks and then assign these tasks to team members. Information can be sorted and viewed by due date, assignees, and more. You can also easily access your inbox and trade messages with collaborators. Asana is easily one of the most comprehensive project management apps, but it does take some time to learn all of its ins and outs and get it set up properly to maximize all it has to offer.

2. Trello

Trello is another app that is available in both a desktop and web version. Trello is set up as a collection of boards, cards, and lists – pretty much a virtual corkboard. You can create boards for separate projects and within that board make lists of tasks, which can be assigned to or claimed by team members. This is a visually appealing app that makes it easier to break down large projects into smaller, more manageable chunks.

3. Central Desktop

Central Desktop, recently acquired by PGi, is a great project management solution for both agencies and marketing teams.  They bring files, calendars, conversations, project plans, etc, all together in a single unified location for a stronger collaboration experience. And they just happen to integrate very well with ProofHQ as well.

4. Smartsheet

If you are a little overwhelmed by learning a new app, Smartsheet may be ideal for you. This app (which offers a mobile version in addition to its desktop format) is like an enhanced spreadsheet that allows you to set up tasks and due dates and even upload files. Smartsheet offers preset templates that can be used to organize anything from a product launch to an event planning, but also offers the option to create your own template. Your smartsheet can be shared via e-mail with any number of people and gives you control over who can edit the sheet and who can simply view it.

5. NetSuite

NetSuite allows you to collaborate with your team and more efficiently manage your marketing projects but is often referred to as work management app because it offers the capability to more closely manage team members as well. Through NetSuite, you can identify resources and skills in order to best assign project management tasks and the program will also alert you to any staffing shortages so that necessary openings can be filled.

6. Clarizen

Clarizen is a project management solution that aims to increase the efficiency of your campaign execution. Clarizen merges its cloud-based system with social communications (including “3-D” conversations) so that your team can collaborate and offer insights in real time. Through Clarizen, you can also standardize core processes so that your team can quickly complete tasks without sacrificing the quality of the work.

7. Basecamp

Basecamp offers a central location to organize all aspects of your project, from to-do lists to discussions, to notes and events, to files. While there are a lot of options, Basecamp remains user-friendly. It offers a flexible format that is intuitive and most users find that it doesn’t take long to work comfortably within this program.

8. Workfront

Workfront is another app that may be appropriately referred to as a work management or growth management app, but it provides all the tools to help you better manage your project. With Workfront, your team can cut back on e-mails and costly status meetings and instead use a single tool to collaborate, request management assistance, and prioritize work.

9. Mavenlink

Mavenlink integrates with many other platforms (including Google and Salesforce), so it can be easily made to work within the systems you already have in place. It is the goal of Mavenlink to take the great pieces of your team and company and bring them together so that communication and collaboration can be handled from a single application, allowing your team and business to thrive. Mavenlink can be used to direct everything from resource management to timelines and Gantt charts, to financial and analytics.

10. Acunote

Acunote offers the unique ability to view internal group progress in a timeline format. It keeps track of who is working on which aspects of the project and when those tasks are completed. Acunote also allows you to view analytics that will project when a task is expected to be done and will alert you if work (from an individual or the group as a whole) seems to be falling behind.

11. Insightly

Insightly is a helpful app if you are looking to integrate task tracking and customer relationship management tools. Through Insightly, you can set up milestones, pipelines, and tasks for each project. This enables you to follow and track each stage of a project and make any necessary changes as milestones or tasks are completed. Unique features of Insightly include the ability to tag contacts and to link projects to your customer contacts.

And, since we couldn’t just keep it to 11, we thought we’d throw in #12 for free.

12. Huddle

Huddle is a secure app that allows team members to work within the cloud. Huddle allows you to create and assign tasks to your team and will send automatic reminders when due dates are approaching. Files can be created within Huddle or uploaded and attached to tasks. This app will sync across devices to ensure that everyone is always seeing the most recent version of any specific file. One of the best features of Huddle is an organized dashboard that allows you to view a real-time activity stream, see upcoming or overdue tasks, and alerts you to files or documents awaiting approval, all on one screen.

While far from a comprehensive list, these 11 project management tools each offer enough unique features and slight subtleties that you should able to find one that will meet the specific needs of your marketing team regardless of your organization’s size or industry.

What project management tools do you use to manage your marketing campaigns and creative projects? Share them in the comments below and perhaps we’ll write a sequel to this post.

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