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Agile Marketing 101

December 7, 2016 Raechel Duplain


Agile Marketing has recently emerged as the new and modern way to do marketing. Marketers know they need to be more Agile in order to adapt to change, stay relevant, and respond quickly to the market, but Agile Marketing, as a whole, feels sort of like an enigma. It’s great in theory, but how to actually apply it to marketing work is a bit of a mystery. 

Join Andrea Fryrear and Raechel Duplain, two Agile Marketing gurus (and Certified Scrum Masters) to learn the basics about Agile for marketers, including: 

  • What is Agile Marketing, really? 
  • How to apply Agile to your marketing work 
  • How to become a marketing Scrum team 
  • How to transition to Agile without freaking everyone out 

About the Author

Andrea Fryrear

Andrea is the Chief Content Officer for Fox Content, where she uses agile content marketing principles to power content strategy and implementation for her clients. She's also the Editor in Chief of The Agile Marketer, a community of marketers on the front lines of the agile marketing transformation. She geeks out on all things agile and content on LinkedIn and @andreafryrear on Twitter.

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About the Author

Raechel Duplain

Raechel is an award-winning content marketer who has particular expertise in managing B2B content marketing projects and campaigns, developing content strategies, and marrying content with design. She’s a Certified Scrum Master and a Marketing Workflow Expert who’s passionate about the Agile Marketing methodology. When she’s not working, Raechel spends her time with her husband, at the beach, or pretending like she’s going for a run.

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