Project Management Video Blog: How to avoid work-life balance problems

July 1, 2015 Joe Staples


Joe Staples: Work-life balance is a pretty hot topic today, and it's undisputed that the tie between a good work-life balance equates to good productivity inside of the business. But more and more, we're seeing technology start to blur those lines and to start a bit of an imbalance between the two.

In a recent study performed by Workfront, a full 68 percent of the respondents cited poor morale as a result of the imbalance between their work life and their home life. And what are the results? You're actually losing employees. Employees are either feeling burned out or they're leaving.

So what did the study show are the causes of poor work-life balance? Well, certainly, there's the overtime, the excessive overtime, and maybe some flexibility around schedules, but all of that was trumped by what the respondents called "bad bosses." Sixty percent cited the boss being the one that instigates this problem against work-life balance.

So what can employees do to meet these challenges? It really comes down, as the study showed, to two things: trust and flexibility. Employees are looking for their bosses, their employers, their businesses to trust them to get the results done. And in that, they're looking for flexibility. They oftentimes can have a demanding work schedule coupled with a demanding home schedule. If they're able to apply some self-governance to this process, to look at how they can balance it, to let the employer trust them to create that balance, without losing sight of the fact that the results have to be there, that they have to get the job done, that's when productivity can really soar.

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