The Changing Role of Marketing and Technology

August 28, 2014 Kelsey Uebelhor

Man with megaphoneWith an increased need to create, review, and approve projects in shorter time frames, marketing departments have adapted to owning more of the process through project management technology. What has typically been a centralized support function within other departments, such as IT or operations, marketing is now making a more significant investment in this type of role.

In fact, Laura McLellan, Research VP at Gartner, said that by 2017 the CMO will spend more on IT than the CIO. Are we on the cusp of a transformative shift from IT buying software for companies to departments purchasing and implementing their own cloud-based software solutions? Can marketing and IT get along for the benefit of both parties as well as the company?

The Dawning of the Age of the Marketing Technologist

The broadening of functional responsibilities by marketing appears to be mostly caused by the increase of digital marketing. There is a new set of requirements to pushing out a campaign, and those requirements are increasingly technical.

That’s not to say that marketing is becoming about the technology. On the contrary: attendees of the inaugural MarTech conference last week were unanimous in their belief that marketing is still about the customer.

Rather, writes Scott Brinker, co-founder and CTO of ion interactive and editor of the Chief Marketing Technologists Blog, “It’s the recognition that technology is dramatically changing what marketing can do. These are not incremental improvements in efficiency or effectiveness. These are cataclysmic disruptive innovations…technology isn’t just enabling these disruptions — it’s creatively inspiring them.”

The Changing Role of Marketing and Technology

To learn more about the changing role of marketing and technology, we asked digital marketers, project managers, creative directors and designers, as well as line-of-business executives, to share how they feel about managing the technical requirements surrounding digital marketing.

Our research indicated that more than half of marketing and creative teams effectively managing projects have the project management role located in marketing. A deeper analysis showed that 76% of these teams are managing projects with four or more people in the review/approval process, leading us to believe there is an increase efficiency and effectiveness when marketing directly manages the project management role.

What do you think of the intersection between marketing and technology? Are CMOs and CIOs working in tandem or have you seen the rise of the Chief Marketing Technologist at your company?

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