Workfront Ranked Top Online Project Management Software

November 4, 2015 Shelbi Gomez

Aw, shucks.

Workfront was recently ranked as the number one online project management system by independent reviewer Top Ten Reviews.

Receiving a score of 9.75 (out of a possible 10), Workfront earned the Gold Award as well as an Excellence Award, and you can be sure we're all walking around with gold stars on our foreheads, here in our Silicon Slopes office.


We always knew we had a gold-star system on our hands. (How? Because we actually use the system every single day to manage our own complex projects and tasks, throughout the entire lifecycle of work.) Still, it's nice when independent reviewers recognize that, too.

Here are a few highlights from the review:


"Workfront is by far one of the easiest to use systems and yet it is not short on features and professional services. Many PMOs, IT Teams and marketing teams rely on it to help them increase visibility, improve production and grow revenue opportunities."

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 10.01.50 AM


"Workfront project management solution is growing quickly with a nearly 50% year-over-year subscription growth and for good reason. Workfront puts a lot of effort into continually improving its product and is quite noticeably one of easiest to use, in fact it ranked the easiest to use by our team members testers."

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 10.01.37 AM


"While this project management solution supports traditional PM methodologies, it excels in what we call ‘sideways' communications, meaning rather than having just a top-down approach to managing projects it supports the way many modern teams now work by facilitating peer-to-peer collaboration. It includes social media style tools for transparent, project focused communications and technologies for interacting with internal and external stakeholders."

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 10.01.22 AM


"Workfront provides the perfect balance between function and ease-of-use. It is a quick growing company that continues to evolve its product and add education specialists to be able to support its growing client base. It supports all types of PM methodologies and styles, provides a high level of visibility and includes advanced collaboration tools making it an excellent contender to add to your short list of prospects."

To read the entire verdict and see how Workfront compares to Clarizen, Genius Project, Project Insight, and others, visit Top Ten Reviews.


About Top Ten Reviews

Unlike many other software review websites, Top Ten Reviews is not a pay-for-placement publication. (You can read about the company's methodology here.) The company's mission is to provide "accurate, useful information about the products people want," using "trend research, objective testing and logical analysis" to rank products according to a proprietary weighted system.

Our reviews are organized by product type, and we distill the essence of each set of products into TTR's signature side-by-side comparison. This at-a-glance analysis compiles all the information that people need to know to make informed decisions between competing products.

A useful mission indeed, given the proliferation of cloud-based business software solutions on the market today. There are literally hundreds of options in the product management category alone—which makes this award even more meaningful. Well done, team.


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