Get 1 Free Case Study

January 27, 2017

ProofHQ Eliminates a Workflow and Production Bottleneck

Get 1 Free is a San Diego-based company that provides area readers the most comprehensive list of coupons, deals, discounts and savings from a variety
of distinctive, local businesses. They put those business deals and offers into the hands of their readers and website users to aid the consumers’ shopping experience while providing local businesses with an effective advertising vehicle.

Over the last 13 years, the company has grown from producing 150,000 copies of the magazine to reaching nearly 1 million households in both San Diego and Riverside counties. Get 1 Free has expanded its product offerings by providing both print and digital marketing to ensure they are the best one stop shop to meet the marketing needs of small businesses.

Of the company’s 30 employees, two-thirds are sales reps. The growing client base of 750 small to medium sized local businesses requires personal attention and close client/rep relationships. With each rep assigned a particular region and managing roughly 37 clients within that area, the goal is to increase advertising sales for print and digital marketing. ProofHQ is the tool that the sales reps utilize to boost communication speed between the sales reps and creative designers who are managing the creation of marketing content. 

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