Introduction to ProofHQ

January 18, 2017

Great marketing builds great companies. As a marketing manager you are responsible for delivering great marketing projects on time and on budget. Your marketing messages need to be on brand, accurate and effective.

One of the biggest headaches in marketing is getting projects reviewed and approved. We’ve all been there:

Trying to e-mail large files for review and getting bounce backs
Keeping track of which members of the review team have replied and which haven’t
Sorting through countless e-mail threads to collate feedback and coordinate revisions
Printing hard copy proofs and trying to decipher hieroglyphic comments
Chasing, waiting, chasing, waiting while your deadline looms and your projects back up

Managing review and approval can get pretty tough! You need a solution that can streamline your review process, saving you significant time, effort and budget.

And, we’ve got it. Introducing ProofHQ! The Online proofing tool. Your team can review and approve content at any time, from anywhere, on any device. You can upload almost any file type across all media including print, digital and audiovisual formats. It's simple to share proofs with your team, clients and partners. ProofHQ features intuitive easy-to-use commenting and markup tools, so you can collaborate directly on the proofs themselves. You can also automatically compare multiple versions of the same proof side-by-side and track against deadlines to ensure key dates are not missed. No more email threads. No more FTP. No more printing.

ProofHQ is more than a “good idea”. ProofHQ quickly delivers real, proven and measurable benefits.

ProofHQ customers on average increase the speed of project delivery by 56%; they reduce effort in managing proofs by 59%; and they reduce the number of revisions by 29%, all while decreasing errors and omissions. By streamlining their proofing processes ProofHQ customers gain an average return of $40 for every $1 spent. And since there is no more printing, ProofHQ reduces the environmental impact of your marketing activities!

That’s why thousands of marketing professionals from Fortune 500 companies to individual freelance designers rave about ProofHQ.

Try ProofHQ for yourself and learn how you can help your company accelerate its marketing performance.

Review. Collaborate. Approve

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