Increasing your personal value at work

March 11, 2015

Workfront's Chief Marketing Officer video blog series with Joe Staples. A lot has been written on the business value of an enterprise work management solution, but what I'd like to talk about is the personal value that you can gain by using an enterprise work management solution. So business value tends to focus on productivity, timesaving, increased visibility for the business and getting more done.

On the personal side, having an enterprise work management solution has distinct value for you as an individual inside if your job. That personal value can come from taking greater pride in your work because you're hitting deadlines. You’ll gain greater respect from colleagues because you're delivering work, a greater quality work, on time and under budget.

It can also mean career advancement as you have greater control over what you're doing, the work product that you and your team are producing. That shows and the visibility that an enterprise work management solution provides to others can help you.

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