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YA Case Study

June 6, 2016

Digital promotional marketing services company deploys companywide to optimize project and resource management.



  • Addressing new digital marketplace demands
  • Optimizing employee resources
  • Gaining complete project visibility across tasks and teams


  • 12% efficiency improvement
  • Full visibility into utilization
  • Complete project transparency across teams

More than three-quarters of recently surveyed marketers agree that marketing has changed more in the past two years than the past 50. YA is not only keeping up, the industry leader in promotional engagement solutions is pushing the boundaries of digital innovation—and growing its business rapidly as a result. YA deployed Workfront to meet faster time-to-market requirements while remaining committed to executional excellence. Because all employees now have visibility into the hundreds of campaigns the company manages every month, YA has seen a 12% efficiency improvement across the organization.

As one of the largest engagement marketing and promotions companies in the U.S., YA serves Fortune 500 brands and their agency partners. YA manages more than 3,500 marketing programs and more than 40 million consumer transactions a year result in leading brands acquiring new customers and expanding relationships. YA does all of this to ensure consumers take action, buy more, and spread the word.

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