Resource Scheduling: Connecting the Right People with the Right Work

October 7, 2016
Workfront now offers an innovative approach to resource scheduling―one that allows teams the ability to connect the right work to the right people, every time, in an effective, efficient, and simple way. Single view of what matters most * One calendar that captures it all - resource managers can now view an entire team’s bandwidth in a single, easily consumed calendar. * Customizable filters - easily filter projects and programs by users or roles so you see what you need in order to effectively assign tasks. Tasks prioritized and assigned * Efficient assignments - resource managers can quickly assign the appropriate resources to the right projects by simply dragging-and-dropping assignments within our intuitive UI Swapping roles and users - easily swap roles and users across multiple projects in just a few clicks, saving a significant amount of time and effort Resources allocated * Easily contour tasks - resource managers can now designate the exact number of hours a team member can spend on a task. * Streamlined work management - your team can now see the same contoured task breakdown on their My Work calendar, so they know exactly which tasks are on their week’s docket and how much time to spend on those tasks.
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